Whether You’re An Experienced QME or Just Starting Out, Equity Evaluations Has What You Need for A Successful Practice.

Complete QME Practice Services

Our comprehensive support simplifies your QME practice because we handle the many details that can demand so much of your time. Scheduling, providing office locations, managing filings and deadlines as well as collections are just some of the things you won’t need to worry about when you partner with Equity Evaluations. Joining us allows you to focus on what you do best: the QME evaluations. If you find yourself needing guidance, you’ll you find support from people who have a deep understanding of report writing and the QME process. That’s the benefit of working with a boutique QME practice services company. What’s more, you’ll retain a much higher percentage of your profits.

Personalized Mentoring

At Equity Evaluations, we strive to help you build a thriving QME practice. Ask any experienced QME and they’ll tell you that the most valuable resource you can have is someone who knows the process inside and out and can help you navigate the constantly shifting legal and regulatory landscape of this very rewarding and lucrative practice. That’s why Equity Evaluations is the right choice for anyone who is ready to become a QME or someone who wants to take their existing practice to a new level of excellence. Our knowledgeable doctors will guide and assist you in mastering the process of writing air-tight evaluations that can withstand the most withering scrutiny.

Building Your Brand

As a QME, your name becomes your brand and the perceived quality of your brand is the result of your professionalism and the quality of what you produce. Equity Evaluations helps you create a professional image by navigating the regulatory complexities of your practice and by assisting you in completing reports that are considered sound medical/legal evidence by all parties. Additionally, we provide other advantageous benefits beyond that. Through our extensive research, we help you strategically identify the most productive offices for your QME practice.

Are You An Experienced QME?

If you’ve been performing QME evaluations for a while, you know that the strict deadlines and requirements can become overwhelming. Thats why having a company that partners with you to take that burden off your shoulders is so necessary. Equity Evaluations is operated by people who know the process inside and out; doctors who have the experience of having participated in thousands of QME evaluations and who understand the fine details that only hands-on experience can provide.

Considering Becoming A QME?

There is no better company than Equity Evaluations if you want to  become a QME. As a boutique service company, our office is there to show you the ins-and-outs of everything from taking the QME exam to writing air-tight reports that stand up to the toughest scrutiny. We understand that there is a learning curve involved in becoming a seasoned QME and are willing to give you the mentoring you need to quickly feel confident in the reports you produce. Whats more, when you sign on as an Equity Evaluations partner, we will also help you prepare for the QME exam.

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